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AuditWise QA Monitoring

AuditWise QA Solution

What’s vital to any Contact Centre is maintaining quality assurance throughout the customer journey.

Businesses who still depend on using excel spreadsheets, templates that an ex-auditor put together or an overly priced addition from a corporate CRM which has no clearly defined user instructions, are simply going struggle.

AuditWise is a purpose built quality monitoring tool with ease-of-use being the core focus.

The product has been shaped by a consortium of contact centre managers, auditors and customers to ensure that businesses get the most out of the time spent assessing their customer interactions.

Scoring customer interactions, whilst extremely important, can be made fun for assessors. Offering agent feedback, rewarding badges and interacting with the user to maximise their success rates.

Having reviewed a number of QA platforms, we partnered with AuditWise in the knowledge that it’s simply the most user focused and customer driven quality monitoring platform available today.

Features And Benefits

Increase Business Productivity

With the easy-to-use web portal, quality monitoring couldn’t be simpler. Maximising efficiencies and minimising administrative tasks

Exceeding Compliance

AuditWise offers in-built compliance reporting, reducing risk and demonstrating your contact centres adherence to regulatory bodies and the business

Driving Customer Satisfaction

Working with employees through score feedback will develop a unified customer-driven environment

Engage Your Team

Invest thought feedback, training, personalised reporting and leaderboards to develop a positively competitive business

Why Quality Monitoring For Your Business?

The software has lots of clever features that not only allow you to score your staff but can also assist in performance management, increasing employee engagement and driving customer satisfaction.

Scorecards are straightforward to build and administrators can easily add staff members and allocate the relevant permissions. Your teams can be set up and ready to be scored in minimal time.

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