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SD-WAN Solution

SD-WAN products offer a lightweight replacement of traditional technologies. It provides dynamic path selection along with improved management and zero-touch configuration along with VPN capability.

The benefits of an SD-WAN approach are substantial compared to traditional WAN products including reduced capital and operational costs at the WAN edge, improved provisioning times and enhanced branch uptime.

Business needs are changing when it comes to connectivity. Bandwidth-intensive and cloud-native applications require traffic to be routed securely through multiple WAN links to optimise cost and guarantee availability.

Often, remote sites have limited power and space to host the numerous devices needed to deliver and secure connectivity services. UK IT Networks’ SD-WAN is delivered with a simple powerful device capable of terminating Ethernet, broadband and cellular WAN and to secure LAN and WiFi access.

Customers must gain the ability to alter their WAN architectures in support of new digital business initiatives and adoption of public cloud can lead to distinct challenges. UK IT Networks’ SD-WAN solution overcomes challenges with the following features:

  • Add and remove sites quickly and securely to allow access to corporate applications
  • Make configuration changes quickly
  • Link together distributed application environments such as Saas and PCI
  • Reducing dependency on network carriers and physical network technology
  • Reducing your carbon footprint a with lower number of devices at site and better use of resources

Features And Benefits

Visibility & Control

Our cloud-based portal provides complete visibility to all network locations and connections, making it easy to assess and manage in one place

Dynamic VPN

Replace MPLS services with a robust, encrypted VPN. Securely connect remote sites to a corporate network, hosting provider or third-party vendor. Dynamic VPN technology empowers businesses to choose the level of resiliency and redundancy

Easy to Deploy

No skill required and easy to replace for peace of mind if something goes wrong. Drastically reduces time and cost associated with network deployment

Cost Less Than MPLS

Adapt any internet connection no matter who supplies it, offering flexibility to utilise your existing services and integrate them as part of our overall solution

Low Bandwidth, High Availability

Small-site appliances can be configured with up to four internet connections – with the ability to mix xDSL & FTTC


Enhance security with firewalls, content filtering and IPS services.

Why SD-WAN For Your Business?

According to IDC, the most significant driver of connectivity growth over the next five years will be digital transformation (DX) in which businesses deploy 3rd party Platform technologies including cloud, big data and analytics, mobility and social business to improve financial performance.

DX generally improves the network’s workload and elevates the end-to-end importance to business operations.

Increased numbers of branch offices and remote users are also driving businesses to find more efficient and lower-cost methods to add new network connections.

Gartner views SD-WAN as a key technology to help users transform their networks from fragile to agile. The days of simply needing a router at all locations and WAN optimisation at some branches are behind us. In 2010, it was common to see WAN functions wrapped in hardware and delivered to site. Currently, functions can be delivered via hardware, software and/or over the top (OTT) as a cloud-based service. Gartner anticipates this dynamisim to continue for several more years, until at least 2020.

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