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Converged Voice

Converged Broadband Solution

Used in conjunction with our hosted telephony solutions and SIP offering, Converged Broadband ensures high quality IP voice and Internet can be delivered over a single connection without voice quality issues.

Your business will benefit from a single engineered broadband connection that has a robust SLA and a support team that will take away the pain of multiple suppliers for voice and data.

Converged provides a reliable connection which is the ideal platform for voice services. We provide a managed router with all Converged connections to ensure we can maximise our support levels and have the visibility to resolve any issues straight away.

Using a Converged connection allows you to embrace the cloud and look to move services into an environment where they are easily accessible.

We recommend Converged Voice for a business with up to 20 users who have low to medium data usage. Over and above this we’d highly suggest considering using our Ethernet Quotation tool which will calculate your speed requirements.

Features And Benefits


Converged broadband is currently available to over 90% of business premises in the UK, which means should you move, your service can move with you

Inherently Resilient

Using our intelligent broadband network and the advanced features of Cisco routers, we are able to provide a QoS-enabled service that means you can enjoy consistently high-quality voice

UK Technical Support Desk

If you ever experience an issue with your business broadband connectivity our support desk is on hand. Based in the North-West, our support technicians are trained and well equipped to resolve your issue

Reduce Costs

Providing a single connection for voice and data reduces the needs to operate multiple internet connections into your business

Why Converged Broadband For Your Business?

Fully integrated with our voice IP products, our range of data products gives you access to a purpose-built combined voice and data network.

Providing both voice and data, we become your single point of contact which helps to reduce complexity. Managing multiple suppliers can make it difficult for you to find a resolution quickly and move your business forward.

Over 95% of our clients use an Assured or Converged Broadband or Ethernet connection to facilitate their voice and data requirements. This enables us to be commercially strong within the telecoms marketplace and ensure we are continually striving to deliver value for money.

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