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Reporting Drives Results

Working with a number of recruitment companies, we know the importance of communications. Furthermore, we know that recruitment success can be formulated with each recruitment company having their individual formula for success. Yet, we’ve found that what most recruitment success stories incorporate initially is the ‘number of calls made’.

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It.

Call reporting is a key benefit of our hosted phone system and helps your recruitment business measure the productivity levels of your executives. We empower you with the call analytics and management platform access to have unrivalled insights into how your business is operating.

Monitor your executives using real-time wallboards and create competitions across the teams. Encourage their buy-in and enable them to monitor their own service delivery or prospecting call volumes.

Dashboards are fully customisable, with over 200 sets of real-time and historic reports making implementation quick and seamless. Once you’ve chose your preferred reporting type, these can be scheduled for you management team and shared with you’re employees.

Recruitment Hosted System Guide

Work From Anywhere

Deploy your recruitment team anywhere, anytime with plug-and-play handsets

Reduce Costs

Inclusive UK landline and mobile charges to manage your operational costs

Make Calls On The Move

Mobile Client brings your business phone to your mobile; present your office number and extension dial back to the office

Screen Share Anywhere

Review potential placements with clients via a collaborative screen share session

CRM Integration

Integration with recruitment CRM systems to improve efficiencies and minimise admin

Mobilise Recruiters

Using our range of hosted and mobile solutions, work is no longer a place you go, it’s a thing you do.

Collaborate brings your recruitment team voice, video and instant messaging together in a single application on your home or work desktop. Enabling your executives to have full access to your businesses telephony suite regardless of where they are in the world.

Instant messaging keeps your employees in contact with each other, whilst customer friendly applications such as screen sharing and video calling are all readily available to launch as-and-when they are required.

Collaborate as a service is the intelligent recruitment soft-phone which will replace the traditional handset on desk or work in addition to it. This means all activities are fully reportable and manageable from our hosted management portal.


We’ve worked with UKIT Networks for 4 years as we were introduced to them from a mutual client. The team migrated us away from a fixed system which was wasn’t fit for purpose onto a cloud based phone system.

Having over 20 recruiters active, managing their productivity levels was our biggest challenge. UK IT setup wallboard reporting throughout our sales team and helped put an initiative together where our teams actively compete on different call based metrics. It got our recruiters fired up and we saw instant benefits in our prospects and fulfillment.

Working on a cloud system we often send our teams out to new places to refresh their energy levels, working in parks or coffee shops. I’d have no problems recommending UKIT as a supplier that know what there doing and know exactly how to support businesses in our industry.

Recruiters Talk, We Listen

We appreciate recruitment is a fast paced environment and understand that nobody wants to review their telecoms estate after a long working week. Our team will happily come over for coffee and, based upon what drives your business, collate information to audit your estate for you.

We only make recommendations for services that are going to meet your goals and future growth plans. Having made many telecoms audits, we appreciate that saving money is always a driver. However, we equally know that making you more profitable is more important.

If you decide to move forward with our team, implementation and account management is where we really come into our own. Through openly discussed project management, we’ll aim to over deliver from expectations. We take pride in account managing our customers on a 1-2-1 basis. Whilst it’s not critical that you like us, we’d prefer it if you did.