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Education Hosted Overview

Universities, Schools and Nurseries may find they are left with a phone system which has been in place for a number of years and simply cannot advance with the times. With the mandatory transition from traditional ISDN to VoIP imminent, the decision comes down to which IP based product will work best whilst meeting budgetary requirements.

Hosted telephony is often associated with high operational costs for the education sector, as the ‘cost per user licence’ doesn’t commercially add up. A university may have 20 phones to every one phone line as their requirement, which creates a very disappointing financial model.

Using our VO Hosted platform we offer multiple licence types, from simple low-cost internal-call licenses to our standard internal/external hosted user licenses which can be blended to create the perfect hosted option to transition a school, university or nursery onto.

A typical school with the requirement for only 6 outbound phone lines, yet 20 phones, would be costly with a typical hosted supplier. However, with VO Hosted, it’s the perfect way to provide you all the features of moving into the cloud whilst maintaining low operational expenditure.

Quick Benefits Guide

Low Operational Expenditure

Take a blend of internal-only and external hosted licenses to overcome the high cost per phone standard model

Free UK Calls

Inclusive UK Landline and Mobile calls to make managing your communications expenditure simple

Consultative Approach

We’ll review your current telephony infrastructure and make recommendations to meet your plans

Seamless Deployment

Plug-and-play hardware with an intuitive management portal to make all configurational changes

Trusted Telephony Partner

ISO9001 – ISO27001 accredited, we provide international best-practice information security within how we operate

Keeping Schools Connected

From high speed business broadband to Fibre Ethernet, there are multiple options for Universities and Schools that we can provide to ensure you are always connected for students, teachers and parents alike.

We understand that Schools can’t switch off and the impact that that would present, hence why we provide disaster recovery that is tailored to work for you. Failover is automated using HSRP from a primary connection to an alternative data technology such as Ethernet to FTTC. Alternatively, we can offer dual network resilience where we failover the primary connection to a secondary connection via a completely different network provider.

Furthermore, Universities and Schools are given commercial discount on our Ethernet circuits. Therefore, should you obtain a quotation using our checker below, ensure you call in to discuss with our account management team to what further discounts you are entitled to.


UK IT Networks currently supply and manage all the outbound IP telephony services and the vast majority of our inbound number ranges via their platform for our University. Currently we utilise over 600 virtual geographic numbers, and working with UK IT Networks to manage our estate has been a pleasure.

Last year we upgraded our internet connectivity to 2 x 1gb internet leased lines. They are dual networked and diversely routed from our offices to different POPs. The way the support team handled the implementation and and management was truely impressive.

 I have worked with multiple telephony vendors previously but the level of customer support for day-to-day account management, resolution of queries, support and advice as provided by UK IT Networks is the highest standard I have encountered.

SMS – Keeping With The Time 

In an evolving world where a mobile device will do almost anything, communicating with parents, teachers and students can be made simple by using text messaging. Our clients in the education sector use SMS as an important tool to communicate quickly at low costs.

Text messaging costs less than sending a letter, is more efficient than making a call and can be logged against your pupils record. Using the secure online portal, group text messages can be composed within minutes. Reporting access shows if the messages have been delivered and read.

Whether you’re advising of a school closure, sending staff management alerts or simply running polls for students to gain their feedback. Instant messaging is an excellent tool for interaction. Speak with our account management team to arrange a demonstration.