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Hosted Charity Solution

Due to the nature and urgency of the work that takes place within charities, a reliable telephony system is vital. Helplines need to be available 24/7 and, should a crisis occur, there must be a continuity plan in place.

Many charities have shops and help points spread over a wide area which makes it very difficult to administrate. They need to provide a reliable, efficient service which will be able to provide help to those who need it and also deal with calls from people wishing to make donations.

An issue for many charities is the high number of employees spread across different locations. The phone system must allow people to get through, wherever they are, and to reach the correct person and location. While the telephony system is a crucial aspect especially for charity helplines, a reliable service is needed within a limited budget. Unfortunately, high quality telephony features often come with a high price tag.

Charities Benefits Guide

Central Management Portal

Changes can be made remotely, saving travel costs, engineering call out charges and time

Automated Disaster Recovery

For charity helplines this will enable calls to continue to be received even in the event of a disaster

Advanced Call Reporting

See where peaks and troughs are in terms of calls that come in, and allocate staff accordingly

Affordable and User-Friendly

A jargon-free no nonsense platform removing the need to employ specialist skills

Keeping Charities Connected

From high speed business broadband to Fibre Ethernet, there are several options for charities that we can provide to ensure you are always connected to the people you are helping.

We understand that charities can’t switch off and the risk that that would present. Therefore, disaster recovery can be offered in multiple ways. Failover can be automated using HSRP from a primary connection to an alternative data technology, such as Ethernet to FTTC. Alternatively, we can offer dual network resilience where we failover the primary connection to a secondary connection via a completely different network provider.

Furthermore in an effort to do our part to help, charitable organisations are given commercial discounts on our Ethernet circuits. Therefore, should you obtain a quotation using our checker below, ensure you call in to discuss with our account management team to see if there are any further discounts we can offer you.


We have been working with UK IT Networks for around five years now. When I first started with the business, I was tasked with looking at what Infrastructure we had, the cost associated and if this was fit for purpose.

Working with UK IT Networks I am delighted to say that on our landline transfer alone we have saved over £100,000 in the first year – for a charity this is fantastic.

We also use their Hosted IP Solution. Currently 130 handsets in use across our projects.  This to has helped save money for us and also given us a more streamlined way to communicate within our different offices. As we have so many BT Openreach landlines we do get faults on a regular basis. However the great news is that any member of my team can call UK IT Networks support team and instantly get help to resolve the issue.

The support from UK IT Networks is second to none and nothing is an issues. The staff are focused on customer satisfaction and to be honest they are just really nice people that know there products and always manage to get the answer you need. I couldn’t say enough about them, they make my life easier by taking the support away from my team and always going above and beyond to help.

Contact Through SMS

For some charities, a telephone system just isn’t enough; the people they help require alternative means of getting in contact. We work with charities to provide SMS as a seamless way for people to get in touch. Using interactive SMS via our portal or API, Charities can support two way chat to ensure there is no delay in contact.

A low cost alternative, text messaging can be an excellent way to encourage vulnerable people to reach out. SMS presented via long mobile numbers or short codes can be routed into various support teams within your organisation. Access to the secure online platform provides all the details which can be used to ensure that all messages are responded to.

SMS can also be used for providing information throughout your organisation to employees or as appointment reminders. All our messages are sent using UK network operations to guarantee delivery where available.