Steve Bloomfield

Technical Director

Steve began his career initially as an Electronic Engineer, working on diagnostic equipment for Jaguar cars then later on HUDs for Harrier Aircraft. In 1996 he worked for The British Council on the Web Team coding webpages for various British Council offices around the world. Realising this might be a good industry to work in, a year later he moved to Root101 (formally XTML Creative) as Webmaster for His flair for IT & Technical skills were noticed by one of the shareholders, 5 years later after the dotcom bubble had burst, he was invited to join Greystone Telecom as Technical Director. For 10 years Steve worked on various projects including infrastructure planning, sourcing, configuring and maintaining a 60-100 seat call centre as well as coding a dialler web application. In 2012 Steve founded UK IT Networks with Ram & Guy where he advocates "cloud everything". A graduate from Sheffield Hallam University, Steve is also a Chartered IT Professional member of the British Computer Society and a member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers).