Ram Moetamedi

Ram Moetamedi

Managing Director

'The thing about the telephony sector is it doesn't stay still, and nor should you'

Working within the management team at UKIT makes for interesting days. My problem growing up was I couldn’t sit still for longer than 5 minutes, without a need to get up and do something. I still struggle now, and what that creates is a need to know/do/become involved in more, but never to change the core focus.

UK IT Networks is forever adapting, always looking at new ways to make our customers more productive by offering the right future proof and resilient products to them.

The aim is always to deliver honest, personable, charismatic and well supported service. After all partnering with the right communications company is not a ‘one off’ purchase, it’s investing in a long term relationship.

Today our clients include some of the most respected brands within the UK and Europe, and I am 100% confident that’s simply down to a great team, who are given the right tools, and the hunger to deliver nothing short of excellence.