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Offered Via BT Or Vodafone

No Disruption When Transferring

No Cost To Move Your Lines

Lower Cost Line Rentals

Improved Account Management

One Bill Solution

Business Line Rental Overview

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Transfer your line rental to UK IT Networks and you will have the peace of mind in knowing that you will benefit from:

Line Types: Transfer your Analogue, ISDN2e and ISDN30e.
Tier 1 Carriers: BT or Vodafone (Cable & Wireless).
Reduce Costs: Lower rental fees.
Line Features: A complete set of network features similar to those offered by BT.
SLAs: No change to your maintenance levels, with the option of upgrading.
Functions: A full range of line functions including call divert, barring, display and number withholding.
Billing: One bill solution.

BT Service Costs

Product Description Monthly Rental
Analogue Single Line Rental £11.99
Analogue Multi Line Rental £11.99
ISDN2 Rental Per Line (2 Channels Per Line) £27.90
ISDN30 Channel Rental £14.20
ISDN2 DDI Rental (Per DDI) £0.30
ISDN30 DDI Rental (Per DDI) £0.30

Vodafone Service Costs

Product Description Monthly Rental
Analogue Single Line Rental £11.99
Analogue Multi Line Rental £11.99
ISDN2 Rental Per Line (2 Channels Per Line) £27.90
ISDN30 Channel Rental £8.95
ISDN2 DDI Rental (Per DDI) £0.00
ISDN30 DDI Rental (Per DDI) £0.00
All pricing excluding VAT

Business Line Rental Benefits

Analogue Lines

Analogue lines are installed mainly via a line box / wall socket. To facilitate the connection of; analogue phones, fax machines or in the majority a broadband connection.

Analogue lines are the most simple form of business connectivity, offering a business a low cost way to get connected. Businesses moving their analogue lines from BT to us typically save in excess of 30%.


SIP Trunking is our preferred replacement for traditional ISDN. It connects your phone system to the PSTN via broadband, FTTC or Ethernet connectivity. Our SIP Trunks work seamlessly with each of the leading IP phone systems in the UK marketplace.

Compared to ISDN our SIP trunking service is less costly per channel and more flexible in how and where geographic telephone numbers can be used. It’s also quicker to install and provision and, as standard, it delivers extremely robust business continuity

Service Levels

There are 4 different Care Level packages ranging from Standard Care to Critical Care. Choosing which Care Level is required by your business is critically important.

ISDN End Of Life

Several European countries have already completely switched from ISDN to complete IP Telephony networks. BT have announced the switch off for ISDN is set for 2025, this gives plenty of time for companies to start planning and to move over to IP Telephony.

Hosted Phone System

Horizon is a complete business communications service that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal.

If you don't have a PBX in your business then hosted telephony over an IP connection is ideal for you. Horizon is a hosted IP telephony system suitable for any sized business and is particularly effective if you have multiple sites working together.


Predictive dialling is one of the most widely used auto dialling pacing options and we offer the most comprehensive set of predictive dialling capabilities in the market.

Predictive dialling capabilities allow for the creation and administration of outbound campaigns/outbound services which can be used for collections and proactive customer contact, as well as automated messaging and scheduled recalls. Businesses can provide improved customer contact via automated dialing based on business rules and maximised agent productivity through call progress detection.


ISDN2 is especially designed for small and medium businesses with a small phone system. ISDN2 delivers a minimum of two digital lines and is available in multiples of two up to a suggested maximum of eight channels.

Unlike analogue lines you can allocate DDI numbers using ISDN2* *DDI numbers are individual numbers supplied to phones & faxes and are available on both ISDN2 and ISDN30. Using DDI you can allocate individual extensions their own telephone numbers, so callers can ring individuals in your company directly without going via your switchboard.

Businesses moving their ISDN2 lines from BT to us typically save in excess of 30%. In addition to reducing their call charges also. Equally more and more businesses are moving to VoIP, providing them lower cost rentals and future proofing their businesses telephony.


ISDN30 is especially designed for medium and large businesses with a telephone system (PBX) on their premises. Connecting to ISDN30 is a very cost-effective method of providing large volumes of lines into a business - ideal for call centres or offices with growing communications needs. ISDN30 delivers a minimum of eight channels and can be increased to any number required.

With ISDN30 you will still be able to subscribe to additional services. These include Call Diversion, Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP), Diverse Routing, and Out of Area Service. Care Level 4 maintenance which is an integral part of ISDN30 provides a 4 hour response.

Businesses moving their ISDN30 lines from BT to us typically save in excess of 30%. In addition to reducing their call charges also. Equally with BT announcing they are making their ISDN30 network obsolete to 2025, businesses are quickly transferring to VoIP, providing them lower cost rentals whilst future proofing their businesses telephony.

Voice Connect

Connect is an IVR & SMS based product suitable for use by organisations that operate call centres and are looking to improve customer contact, reduce costs and improve overall operational effectiveness. Connect instantly bridges calls from your business to a consumer’s mobile device when appropriately triggered, ensuring engagement with an individual right at the point of requirement.

Vodafone ISDN

Vodafone ISDN30 offers businesses an alternative solution to BT Wholesale at a lower cost. Additionally businesses who currently have BT ISDN30 may want an additional layer of resillience introducing dual carrier resillience to their telecoms environment.

With improved service level agreements, lower line rental and call charges, and additional service flexability, we recommend Vodafone ISDN30 as a preferred form of voice connectivity, where businesses still require traditional ISDN30 over VoIP connectivity.

Presentation Number

If your business has separate incoming and outgoing lines, then Presentation Number can be used to route any return calls back to a different location and/or department within your business. This is providing you have an effective inbound management platform.

Using a non-geographic number, such as 08/ 03, or a virtual geographic number allows contact centres, or large businesses to route all their inbound calls to a specific department, whilst local businesses can use them to gain the benefits of using 08 numbers.

DDI Billing

We can provide DDI billing so that outbound calls can be measured and reported against specified user/departments to assist with cost management and performance measures. This helps you to understand the number of calls made relating to a specific use / department or customer. This service is subject to the telephone system being able to present the DDI to our network.

Ethernet Access

Use our Ethernet checker, providing instant pricing for speeds up to 1GB with Disaster Recovery failover options, to your offices in less than 60 seconds.

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Inbound Numbers

Choose a non-geographic 08 or 03 number from our extensive selection of numbers. Hosted on our Inbound platform changing call plans and access to live reports are standard.

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Quality assessment using Excel can be time consuming, unreliable and counterproductive. Use AuditWise to deliver measurable results into your Contact Centre.

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SIP Trunks

Competitively priced inclusive UK landline and mobile minutes are provided with all our SIP services. Utilising the largest UK SIP networks our platform is inherently resilient.

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Hosted Phones

A seamless cloud based plug and play hosted phone system. Ideal for SoHo to Enterprise, Horizon offers a feature rich low cost alternative to a traditional phone system.

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Telecoms Audit

Did you know over 54% of UK businesses are charged for services they no longer require? Take advantage of our no-obligation audit where we’ll highlight obsolete services and reduce costs.

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