Reduce overheads with VoicePush


Delivering litereally thousands of messages at the push of a button. Use Voice Push to get your message across to your target market

Send a voice recording to thousands of numbers with the click of a button

Cost effective Contact Tool

Consistently delivers the right message

Track your broadcasts success

Interactive - callers can connect to agent

Fully customisable for each campaign

Fast & Effective way to get your message across

Voice Push

We believe a human voice is a more personal way of delivering messages to your customers and can add an extra dimension of viability.

Voice Push is a pre-recorded message that can be delivered simultaneously to hundreds or thousands of people via a telephone, landline or mobile. These messages are a cost effective way of communicating with your customers and can be highly targeted to provide a compelling message.

By introducing an interactive menu, recipients can record a message or, by using their keypad select from a range of menu options or be routed to a call centre. You can also access a range of additional voice solutions through Voice Push such as payment solutions and IVR surveys.

Voice Push Features

 Polling and Voting
 Surveys and market research
 Business continuity and disaster recovery
 Event promotion or cancellation
 Notifications, e.g renewals, expiring policies
 New product launching
 Lead generation and marketing communication
 Customer care follow-up
 Late payment and debt collection
 Employee communications
 Fundraising activities
 News flashes

Benefits of using Voice Push

Save on call centre costs and traditional paper-based marketing. There is no charge for busy signals, unanswered calls or for unobtainable numbers.

Monitor the success of your campaign minute-by-minute as calls are placed and customers interact. 

Messages can be changed whenever you require, without having to order a costly reprint of direct mail or having to retrain call centre staff.

Voice messages can be created to suit your brand, including regional accents, or using a celebrity or your MD to contact everyone of your clients.
Customers can use interactive menu options to link to your call centre, capture information or record messages.
Reduce your carbon footprint - no paper, no postage - just voice solutions.

Call Connect

Call Connect instantly bridges calls from a call centre to a consumer’s mobile device when appropriately triggered, ensuring engagement with an individual right at the point of requirement. Call Connect can be triggered by a range of call-to-actions and is suitable for any organisation looking to improve customer contact, reduce costs and improve overall operational efficiencies. 

Call Connect benefits

 Integration into existing call centre systems via API
 Editable caller ID presentation
 Call whisper/call screening capability
 Definable number of concurrent calls
 Dedicated port capacity
 PSTN termination to over 170 countries
 VoIP termination
 Trigger can include SMS, voice and email

Automated payment options

Connect from SMS, voice or email notifications into your call centre, allowing you to speak directly with your customers. This person-to-person interaction makes sensitive issues such as debt collection easier for the recipient and provides an immediate way of receiving money.

Voice Short Codes

Voice Short Codes are five or seven digit numbers which can support both inbound SMS & calls. They provide a great opportunity to extend the use of mobile to a broader range of interactive services and campaigns. This allows you to simplify your marketing communication campaigns, improve the memorability of your contact number and attract mobile consumers. 

Voice short codes benefits

 Memorable - 7 or 5 digit short codes
 Combine - VSC support inbound calls & SMS
 Alternative to NGN - 08 numbers can be off-putting
 Integrate - short code for SMS, MMS and Video

How do voice short codes work?

 Pre-select short code & the tariff you want
 Map your short code to any phone number
 Out-payment generated on selected shortcodes 
 Real-time reporting and service analytics