Customer contact via SMS


With a reported open rate of over 98%, SMS is still one of the most successful ways to contact your target market within the UK

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UK Network Paths only

Full Reporting via Cloud Portal

Customer Surveys & Feedback

Drive revenue and loyalty

Target individuals via customised messaging

Campaigns can be ready within seconds

Bulk SMS with UK IT Interactive

UK IT Networks offer SMS / MMS marketing and m-commerce solutions, via their UK IT Interactive texting platform. This enables your business to implement mobile communication activity to market and exploit new sales opportunities, as well as increasing customer acquisition and improving brand loyalty. 

Benefits of SMS Broadcasting on UK IT Interactive

SMS alerts & notifications

Instantly reach your target audience.

Text for Info services

Removes the need for costly human resource and automates the information flow between your business and customers

Product sales & promotions

Improve customer acquisition by increasing the number of people who engage with your message

Customer Service communications

Key messages such as account status notifications can be delivered directly to your customer on the move, ensuring they can respond in near-real time

Competitions & Votes

Offers your audience the chance to be involved on the go, increasing participation rate and including a wider range of demographic groups than other methods

Appointment reminders

Reduce the number of costly missed appointments by sending timely reminders of meetings and appointments

Security & Fraud Prevention

Use the mobile channel to reduce the cost of security and fraud prevention such as SMS authentication and usage abroad alerts

Surveys & Feedback

customer satisfaction is a key driver of any successful business. Capture customer opinion in near real time to drive innovation and improvement for your brand

Our self-service solutions allow you to integrate mobile marketing into your wider business strategy, providing a new channel to utilise as you focus on business growth.

All our SMS solutions include a full reporting suite. This way you know the success rate of your bulk sends. We speak with many businesses who believe they are recieving a fantastic rate to send texts, however have no way of knowing how many of the texts they send were actually delivered.

Why use SMS with us?

 Flat rate low priced SMS
 UK paths only - NO Grey routes
 Easy to use Interface
 P-A-Y-G service
 Inclusive long number & trigger
 Detailed reporting on SMS

SMS Messaging Gateway API

With our SMS Gateway API you can send and receive messages from your applications such as a CRM system, enabling you to automate processes or marketing messages direct to customer’s mobile devices. Utilising our API, messages are pushed via HTTP from our gateway to your server and vice versa.

 No need for software
 Obtain delivery receipts
 Powerful reporting available
 Cost effective communications
 Track campaigns
 Premium rate campaigns
 Comprehensive documentation
 Quick message templates

Why use SMS with us?

  • Promoting
     your business with SMS messages will increase contact rates
  • Notifications
    using our API to enable automated alerts from servers or your software systems
  • Reminders
    for your customers is a great way to lower no show or late arrivals to meetings
  • Membership
    renewal via SMS can enable quick and convenient membership renewals
  • Cloud
    Platform avoiding any integration and reduces CAPEX
  • Reduced
    Call & staff handling costs for card payments
  • Communicate
    with your field based staff much easier with SMS messages
  • SMS-to-Email
    is a great way for your customers to contact you quickly and easily