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UKITPay Overview

UKITPay is designed to simplify your payment collection operations and reduce your costs and overheads. You can improve operational efficiency and free up resource to tackle critical business tasks, significantly reduce the chances of customer data being compromised by automating the payment process, minimising human error, improving brand reputation and consumer confidence.

How UKITPay Can Be Used

  • Bill and Account Payments
  • Dept Collection
  • Product And Service Payments
  • Subscriptions And Renewals Payments

Secure UKITPay Solutions & Reporting

Unique Information to facilitate accurate transaction reconciliation.
Payments are authorised and settled in real-time.
Customers receive confirmation number for reference via IVR and SMS.
Analysis of transactions through dashboard suite.
Cloud platform avoiding any integration and reduces CAPEX.
Reduced call & staff handling costs for card payments.
PCI DSS compliant network enviorment.
Fraud management tool.

Is UKITPay PCI DSS Compliant?

UKIT Pay is PCI DSS compliant and we commit to maintain compliance for the lifetime of any contract with a merchant. This means that you have peace of mind in knowing your customers’ payment card data is being kept safe throughout every transaction; and that they, and you, can have confidence that they’re protected against the pain and cost of data breaches.

If you are a merchant that accepts payment cards, you are required to be compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard. You can find out your exact compliance requirements from your payment brand or acquirer.

UKITPay Methods

IVR Payments

We can provide you with a dedicated non-geographic telephone number for your service. Calls into these numbers can be transferred from your current contact centre to our IVR payments service.

Callers are greeted and guided through the automated service by your personalised voiceover, which we can use one of our artists to do, and script, and they can then interact with your IVR set up using DTMF touch tone to enter their card details safely and securely in line with PCI DSS compliance.

Mobile Payments

You can now take credit card payments through your mobile site, offering a seamless payment experience for customers via mobile devices. UKITPay can sit alongside your existing mobile payment options (such as Payforit) and merchants can also store payment details for specific accounts (if they have the appropriate infrastructure in place to do so) to enable future credit card payments to take place even faster.

Ethernet Access

Use our Ethernet checker, providing instant pricing for speeds up to 1GB with Disaster Recovery failover options, to your offices in less than 60 seconds.

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Inbound Numbers

Choose a non-geographic 08 or 03 number from our extensive selection of numbers. Hosted on our Inbound platform changing call plans and access to live reports are standard.

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Quality assessment using Excel can be time consuming, unreliable and counterproductive. Use AuditWise to deliver measurable results into your Contact Centre.

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SIP Trunks

Competitively priced inclusive UK landline and mobile minutes are provided with all our SIP services. Utilising the largest UK SIP networks our platform is inherently resilient.

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Hosted Phones

A seamless cloud based plug and play hosted phone system. Ideal for SoHo to Enterprise, Horizon offers a feature rich low cost alternative to a traditional phone system.

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Telecoms Audit

Did you know over 54% of UK businesses are charged for services they no longer require? Take advantage of our no-obligation audit where we’ll highlight obsolete services and reduce costs.

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