Corporate TPS is to stop nuisance marketing calls for businesses

Free to register

Activated within 28 days

Regulated by OfCom

Prevent unwanted marketing or sales calls

Registering with the telephone Preference Service (TPS) is free and very simple to do. It is the official opt out register where you can opt not to receive unwanted marketing or unsolicited sales calls.

It is a legal requirement for all organisations, from privately held businesses to charities, not to make calls to numbers that have been registered on the TPS unless you have specifically given your consent for them to do so.

Businesses where you may have an existing relationship may have already been given the entitlement to contact you, unless you have specifically advised them you are registered for TPS and you do not want them calling you for marketing or sales purposes.

Register for TPS here

You can also register mobiles with the TPS. It is important to note that this can not stop unwanted marketing or unsolicited SMS (text) messages. If you wish to stop receiving SMS marketing messages, please send an 'opt-out' request to the company involved.

The Telephone Preference Service is free of charge for consumers. It is regulated by OfCom and is enforced by the Information Commissioners Office.

If you register, please allow up to 28 days to stop receiving unwanted sales and marketing calls. Some companies do ignore the TPS legislation, and this is breaching UK law. You can report these unsolicited sales and marketing calls via the TPS website and requesting a complaints form.