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See if you can move your 08 or 03 numbers to UK IT Networks to benefit from new and exciting inbound features backed by competitive rates

Port your 08 or 03 numbers to UKIT Networks and receive improved rates and service


Partnering with Tier 1 carriers

4 - 8 weeks standard porting lead time

Inclusive of all Inbound call features

Carbon Neutral Network

99.995% up-time guarantee

Simple Paper Transaction

Porting your NGN numbers

Porting your existing NGN (Non-geographic) or geographic numbers to our preferred Tier 1 carrier is simple and very easy to do. There's no down-time or disruption to your service when you port, and the process from start to finish is usually completed within 4 weeks.

OfCom's Number Portability enables businesses to move their 0800, 0808, 0500, 0300, 0333, 0345, 0845, 0844, 0843, 0870, 0871, 0872 numbers to a new providers network, to enable them to benefit from new and technology adapting products.

Porting your 08 numbers (NGNs) is as simple as a paper transaction. A porting form needs to be completed and printed off on company letter-head, in addition to a signed sales order from UK IT Networks. The rest you leave to us, and within 4 weeks you should be benefiting from improved commercials and more functionality via the Inbound platform.

We can port your 08 numbers from a variety of carriers, and just because your bill may state something different from the list below, doesn't mean we can't port your numbers. You may be with a reseller of a carrier, in which case we could still port the numbers to us.

Green Inbound Minutes with UK IT Networks

In addition we are proud to be partnering with a Carbon Neutral Tier 1 carrier, so not only are we competitively priced, and offer the most resilient networks, the size of our carbon footprint gets smaller and smaller each year.

Can I Port my 08 numbers?

08 numbers (NGNs) that are normally ported to UK IT Networks are ported from the below suppliers:

port your 08 numbers to UK IT Networks, from these suppliers; BT (British Telecom), Colt Telecommunications, Daisy Wholesale Telecom, Gamma Telecom, Virgin Media Business, Vodafone, Canle & Wireless, Thus PLC, Talk Talk Business (TTB), Kingston Communications, KCom

UK IT Networks only partner with Tier 1 carriers. With vast experience within the ICT sector we've seen businesses suffer at the unreliability of single switch networks, who do not have the resilience in their infrastructure to support calls when a network outage occurs. Therefore don't risk your inbound 08 number services for marginal savings, invest in a quality partner to transit your calls.

Check to see if you can move / port your NGN to us, using our Number Checker below.


Move your numbers to us

If using the number checker you can move your numbers to us, download and complete the porting form to get the ball rolling. Once completed e-mail to; [email protected] or fax to; 0344 324 85 86

Ported numbers benefit from access to the below features

Inbound Auto Attendant empowers you to build IVR services on screen using our intuitive web portal. IVR services can be tailored fully to your requirements, and allow for multi-level menu options to be created easily, with each call leg having all call plan options and network features available. Professional voice recordings can uploaded to the platform straight from a P.C.

Auto attendant provides you with an out of office message facility, this can be used to advise the caller of a relevant time to call back, your opening hours or give them the ability to leave a message for a return call. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows you to upload file announcements to an inbound call plan as a way of communicating with callers.

Use IVR to provide callers with call routing options and announcements to inform them of details such as opening hours and website address when the office is closed.

By queuing your calls in our Inbound network platform you can keep your callers up to date on the position they are in the queue and give the caller the option to breakout to voicemail, or to an alternative destination. You have the option to play comfort messages to your customers, promoting your business products while they wait.

Inbound call queuing will assist with call handling during busy periods. Use real-time queue statistics to monitor and make instants changed in terms of queue management with optional queue breakout and overflow preferences to an alternative destination, announcement or voicemail service. Project onto a wallboard to give immediate feedback to call handling agents.

Pre-build DR call plans integrated as part of your overall Inbound queue solution. As this is deployed from the cloud, there is no hardware required on site and you are not limited by your local line capacity.

Is a network-based application which can be activated instantly in seconds. As this service is deployed from within the network, no hardware or software is required on site meaning no installation is required. Fully scalable to any size organisation, large or small, this is the perfect solution for our customers requiring a call recording solution, without incurring a capital expenditure cost. Recordings can either be downloaded from the UK IT Manager or MyInbound web portal, or delivered by email or FTP at the end of each call. Call Recording is available on all inbound numbers (even ported BT landline numbers), and outbound IDA/CPS call traffic.
Time of Day routing enables your business to specify how your Inbound calls should be routed according to what time of the day it is. Calls can be routed to; another destination, our of hours play audio or voicemail to email on a bespoke call plan.
This service allows any 08/03 or 01/02 number to be converted in to a fax receiving telephone number in seconds, allowing your business to receive faxes by email wherever you are. This is a dynamic solution available with no installation or pre-ordering, allowing for fast connection of service. You can have each document delivered to multiple email addresses at the same time, with the service able to receive virtually unlimited faxes simultaneously, meaning no engaged tones for the fax sender.
Offers callers the ability to respond to an automated series of questions either verbally or using their phones keypad. This is a popular service when pre-screening calls prior to connection to ensure the caller meets set criteria, reducing the physical time spent by staff. Data Capture can also be used in competitions or voting, or to calculate direct customer service feedback. Response data and recorded calls can be provided via the Number Manager web portal, or delivered by email to FTP.

Disaster recovery on Inbound will enable your business to divert your calls automatically on answer, busy, or network failover. A failover divert allows your business to be able to plan for business continuity in the event of hardware failures or line faults at site. The divert can be pre-configured in the platform, so when attempting to deliver the call, if the network receives a ‘fail’ signal from your phone system or phone lines,  the call will be re-routed to an alternative call plan, network voicemail or announcement.

Additionally each of your numbers can have multiple bespoke inbound call plans set against them. For instance you may have a ‘Fire Drill’ call plan pre-built which plays a network announcement to all callers. This will allow you to invoke this call plan until business returns to normal. Call plans can be invoked via the Inbound web portal or mobile phone application.

Voicemail via Inbound allows the caller to leave a voicemail message which is then emailed to a designated inbox as a .wav file attachment. The wav file attachment can then be opened and played through any P.C.

Alternatively you can retrieve your voicemails online via the Inbound platform. To setup voicemail, all you need to do is, record your voicemail greeting via your P.C or via the smart phone application.

Voicemail to email can be setup at any point on your call plan. Whether it’s out of hours or a breakout from a queue, your voicemails can be sent to an individual or group email address.

Geographic regional area plans via your inbound numbering services allows you to customise the routing of calls dependant on the area code they are calling from or their full telephone number.

As an example if your business’ head office was in Glasgow, you may want to route your calls from Scotland to that office. All other calls you could be routed to your secondary office in London.

Alternatively your business may have VIP customers. In which case you may want their calls handled differently, and route these calls away from Queues and directly through to call handlers.

Incoming calls can be routed to a pre-defined list of destination numbers in sequence until a call is answered or routed to voicemail, allowing for several people or groups to be offered calls in turn. Multiple Hunt Groups can operate at different times or specific days, allowing maximum flexibility. When the 'Round Robin' feature is enabled, the hunt group sequence is re-ordered when each incoming call is received so the same destination number does not always get offered the call first, allowing for an even distribution of calls across the group.

Call Whisper via the Inbound platform offers the agent answering the call the advantage in knowing which number the caller has dialled by playing a one way pre-connection message.

This can be useful when your business is taking incoming calls on behalf of others, or you would like to ensure the caller is greeted in a particular way dependent on which number is dialled.

Whisper can be setup to be heard by both parties or simply to the answering party. The bespoke message can be recorded by yourselves or one of our professional voice recording artists, and can be changed easily on the platform.

This service will enable your marketing department and call centre manager to look in great details at where and how calls are being routed. This enables your business to make targeted marketing campaigns, and ensures you can refine your inbound call handling plan to improve the callers experience.


Can be used with any number, anywhere


Easy to use, the entire service is jargon free


Immediate to set up, everything is online


No set up costs with implementation


Porting should take no longer than 4 weeks to complete. However sometimes it can take longer for your incumbent to complete the porting documentation, which we need to submit to the networks. If the 08 porting document is delayed this can delay the time it takes to port your number.

In order to port your 08/03 number to UK IT Networks, we need 3 documents, 2 of which completing.

  1. A recent bill - this only needs to be the front page of your bill. We need this in order to complete the porting document. If we submit an incomplete porting document to your incumbent, they may well reject our request to move your 08 numbers. This may result in the delay of moving your numbers to us.
  2. A signed sales order - this is our sales order, confirming the commercials and functionality that we are offering you.
  3. A completed porting document - We complete the porting document and send it back to you to print off on your letterhead and sign. This is the authorisation document we submit, allowing us to move your 08/03 numbers to our platform.


If you have taken a number from a single switch carrier, or a provider that doesn't have porting agreements with our partners, we can introduce a new number range, and slowly phase that number into your environment. For instance, if you have an 0844 number we can't move, we will give you a new 0844 number, and mirror exactly what your existing number does.

This will allow you to change where your number is advertised immediately in places such as your website and e-mail signatures. Stationery and other places where your 08/03 numbers are printed can remain active on your old number, and when you come to reprint your stationery you can seize this opportunity to display your new number.

All ported numbers can be pointed to a mobile, and to an international destination. However make note, that doing this will add an additional cost to your business to receive calls. You may want to look at a higher cost number such as 0871 to do this, which can absorb the diversion leg within the rebate. We can confirm what the cost would be by e-mailing; [email protected] or calling us on; 0844 324 8585

We empower all our customers to re-direct their own 08/03 numbers. For each 08/03 number you move to us, you will have the functionality not just to re-direct your calls you can also add a variety of over network services.

We provide your 08/03 numbers will all the services listed on our features page. This includes network call recording, queuing, auto-attendant, hunt groups, call ratio, fax to e-mail, advanced stats and more.

All our 08/03 numbers are provided with a 99.995% up-time guarantee for delivery of voice.

We only port our numbers on to Tier 1 carrier networks. Resilience is more important than our commercial offering; therefore we’d never consider an inferior carrier network for our customers 08/03 numbers.

We are proud to still be offering a 24x7x365 UK based customer support team, in addition to a desk based account manager. We understand the impact it would have on your business if your 08/03 numbers stopped working. For this reason it is important to us, to ensure that communications are not jeopardised by routing the calls over-seas.

Yes. Our numbers are ranked via a ‘star’ system. A 1* 08/03 number would be a standard grade number i.e. ending 6305, whereas a 5* 08/03 number may end in 9999. We do look to offer discounts on multiple number purchases, and therefore ask that you contact our sales team to discuss your requirements in more detail by e-mailing; [email protected] or calling us on; 0844 324 8585

We've worked with a number of customers to change their 08/03 number to a different numbering strategy. It's not uncommon that you may be using the wrong number for your company. For instance a revenue generating number for a sales line, wouldn't have the same response as a 0800 or 03 number. Using our experience and technology we can set a time frame, and work with you to slowly phase out an old number to be replaced with a new one from us.