How would a business benefit from using NGN numbers


Attract callers from anywhere


Memorable Numbering Strategy


Inclusive of all Inbound call features


08 Numbers move & grow with you


08 inbound DR automation & call stats


Multiple 08s for marketing tracking

Why 08 non-geographic numbers?

08 Numbers are a great way to get low cost access to a number of services. As 08 numbers are hosted within the cloud, features can be added, removed or changed via a simple to use web interface. Many businesses use multiple 08 numbers across the UK solely for this reason.

How will my business benefit from using NGNs?

If you move premises or change your business landline number for any reason, it can become costly to your business to change all of your advertised numbers, for instance numbers on your stationary or your company vehicles. With NGNs they can follow and grow with your business at no extra cost. Using our Inbound empowerment platform you can redirect all your inbound calls via your NGN to your new office landline or VoIP system instantly without hassle or disruption.
NGNs will give your company a national presence to your customers. So for instance if some-one who lived in Manchester was looking for a plumber, they wouldn't consider calling a business on a 0207 London number, although that business may have sub contractors who can cover the Manchester area. Using NGNs will no longer restrict a business to a geographical destination.
NGNs have fantastic call reporting ability. Which will tell you how many calls you have answered, unanswered, received engaged, been diverted to another location and much more. For this reason marketing departments using  multiple NGNs can massively improve ROI by tracking which campaigns are successful.
NGNs can tidy up your business image by providing consecutive numbers for your main number and fax number. Also they can be easy to remember, and give your business a unique approach within your sector e.g. A food company could use 0844 324 3663  (0844 business rate,  3663 is alphanumeric for 'food' on the phone).
NGNs can be used as a revenue generator into your business. Your business could opt to take 0844 numbers, and by doing so receive a rebate on all inbound calls. This may help to reduce overheads or offset outbound telephony expenditure.
NGNs could be a cheaper solution for your business by using the network services in replacement of expensive phone system hardware, or additional line capacity.You can implement, Call Queuing, Auto Attendants, Call Recording, Network date, day and time routing, and an abundance of other services.

Why take NGNs from UK IT Networks


Can be used with any number, anywhere


Easy to use, the entire service is jargon free


Immediate to set up, everything is online


No set up costs with implementation

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